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$10 off and $35 Piercings

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Sexual Piercings Why? A guide to Nipple and Genital Piercings

Sexual Piercings, Nipples and Genital Piercings are by far one of the most puzzled over piercings. I've always amazed by how people react when I say yes, I do pierce nipples and genitals. The thing is that often after they have gotten past the shock and awe of the subject and I begin to discuss the advantages of genital piercings and nipple piercings, you will notice a little light bulb go off.

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Bad Day Playlist

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We all have them. They are just the day that starts off completely wrong and builds from there. There are a number of triggers from traffic to those we share are life and this planet with. There is one thing that can greatly influence my emotional state more than anything and that is music. Something about finding that one song that just simply expresses your state of mind seems to satisfy and reduce the load. 

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Standard Bearers and Filmage

Personal desires and drives are too often a mystery to me. Often they are fired by some long forgotten exposure to an idea and too often the source is long forgotten. Sometimes they are born out of basic frustration and boredom. One bad or good idea that leads for a longing for something new and possibly better. That need to improve on someone else's creation or to bring back a tradition that some how has been lost. It's my experience that it almost always leads to DIY.

Reasons To Get Pierced In October

So, you are thinking about getting a piercing or maybe a Tattoo and you are wondering when the best time is to get it? Without a doubt it is October begins the best time of the year to get tattooed and pierced. This especially true in the upper Midwest or areas of the world that enjoy all four seasons. Surprisingly, it is often the slowest period for most studios.

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20 of DaVo's Go To Bands

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Adolescents Welcome to Reality

It seems whenever I meet someone new, whether or not they are a music fan as soon as they figure out I'm a big music fan they ask that one question. "What is your favorite Band?" I've always been stumped by this one because I've never been good at defining favorites. It's like calling someone your best friend when there are equally fine and wonderful people in your life that could easily fit the definition. Each bring something special, wonderful and pure to my life and to put one ahead of all the others just doesn't seem right or fair.

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$10 off and $35 Piercings

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October is upon us which means cooler weather, brighter colors and Halloween. For October I'll be offering two ways to save money on your piercing.

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Experimental Piercings

Not a week goes by that I don't get a call, e-mail or someone stopping by the studio asking to get a piercing that I've either never heard of or is just simply not a good idea. As professional piercers we go through a continuing struggle between what we know is ethically right and the need for income. The truth is that I have the knowledge and skill to put a needle through just about every part of the human anatomy and then insert a new pierce of jewelry. However, part of my job and commitment to my clients is to create a piercing that could with the correct care, last a life time.

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Axiom will be closed Thursday September 11th, 2014

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Offspring/Bad Religion/Stiff Little Fingers/ Naked Raygun

DaVo will not be in the studio on Thursday September 11th, 2014 because the kid and I are going to the big Punk Rock show in Council Bluffs. However, Skin Kitchen Tattoo will be open and ready to fulfill your tattoo needs and I will be back in Friday and Saturday from 3-9pm.

Don't forget to take advantage of this months specials and we will see you in the studio soon.

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Navel Piercing Beaten to Death

In this addition to my Blog series Beating Each Piercing to Death, I will be focusing on the Navel piercings. I choose to do this in September because this is the best time of the year to get the piercing. Every spring there is a huge increase in demand for Navel piercings. Mainly because people began to think and hope for summer and what better way to celebrate summer than to show off a piece of jewelry in your Navel. Whether at the beach, the pool or on a sunny day it's that prefect accent.

Back to School Special

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Well, now that everyone is back in school, it's time for the annual Axiom Back to School Special. During the month of September 2014 come in and get $5.00 to $10.00 off the body piercing of your choice.

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