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$10 off and $35 Piercings

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$10 off and $35 Piercings

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October is upon us which means cooler weather, brighter colors and Halloween. For October I'll be offering two ways to save money on your piercing.

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Experimental Piercings

Not a week goes by that I don't get a call, e-mail or someone stopping by the studio asking to get a piercing that I've either never heard of or is just simply not a good idea. As professional piercers we go through a continuing struggle between what we know is ethically right and the need for income. The truth is that I have the knowledge and skill to put a needle through just about every part of the human anatomy and then insert a new pierce of jewelry. However, part of my job and commitment to my clients is to create a piercing that could with the correct care, last a life time.

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Axiom will be closed Thursday September 11th, 2014

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Offspring/Bad Religion/Stiff Little Fingers/ Naked Raygun

DaVo will not be in the studio on Thursday September 11th, 2014 because the kid and I are going to the big Punk Rock show in Council Bluffs. However, Skin Kitchen Tattoo will be open and ready to fulfill your tattoo needs and I will be back in Friday and Saturday from 3-9pm.

Don't forget to take advantage of this months specials and we will see you in the studio soon.

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Navel Piercing Beaten to Death

In this addition to my Blog series Beating Each Piercing to Death, I will be focusing on the Navel piercings. I choose to do this in September because this is the best time of the year to get the piercing. Every spring there is a huge increase in demand for Navel piercings. Mainly because people began to think and hope for summer and what better way to celebrate summer than to show off a piece of jewelry in your Navel. Whether at the beach, the pool or on a sunny day it's that prefect accent.

Back to School Special

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Well, now that everyone is back in school, it's time for the annual Axiom Back to School Special. During the month of September 2014 come in and get $5.00 to $10.00 off the body piercing of your choice.

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State Fair Special $10-15 Off

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Iowa State Fair Special

$10 Off Your Piercing:

August 1st through August 30th, 2014 coming into the studio during normal business hours(Tuesday through Saturday 3pm to 9pm) and use the code word "Corndog" and save $10 off the first piercing of your choice. 

$15 Off Your Piercing:

Bring your ticket stub from the 2014 Iowa State Fair August 1st through August 30th, 2014 during normal business hours(Tuesday through Saturday 3pm to 9pm) and save $15 off the first piercing of your choice. 

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Nipple Piercings Beat to Death

In this addition to my Blog series Beating Each Piercing to Death, I will be focusing on the Nipple piercings. In a number of ways the subject of Nipple piercing is close to my heart. It was the desire to get my nipples pierced that began my odyssey to become a professional piercer. Something that is still a mystery to me, caused my to want the piercings at an early age. Than again why wouldn't you want your nipples pierced.

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Jury Duty and Schedule Changes

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Polk County Courthouse

Tuesday July 8th Update - DaVo has been released from Jury duty and the Axiom will be open normal business hours the rest of the week.

DaVo has been called for Jury Duty on July 7 through the 11th. So, I will be working reduced hours this week.

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$35 piercings on Wednesday and Thursday

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$35 Piercings with basic Jewelry on Wednesdays and Thursdays in July:

July 2nd through July 31s, 2014 come into the studio on Wednesdays and Thursday during normal business hours(3pm - 9pm) and say, "Independent" and get your choice of piercing with baisc jewelry(Usually Implant Grade Steel Jewelry) for just $35.00.

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Swimming and Healing Body Piercings

No Swimming

The summer for a number of people involved two things, showing off their piercings and other body art they have been hiding under winter clothing and cooling off with a dip in the pool or lake. Maybe a little boating or water skiing for good measure.  So, it shouldn't be surprising that many seek new piercings to show off at the pool and many times the subject of swimming and healing a piercing come up. 

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