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35 Years of Live Music in Des Moines

With the re-launch of the new site right around the corner, I'd been considering a way to contribute not just the re-launch of the site but to celebrate the bands, artists, projects, businesses and people that kept live original music alive and well in Des Moines. The more I thought about it the more I felt that maybe an event was needed. An event that features not only the bands from the past but the present. 

Changes and the Future of the Archives

With the Archives turning 15 this coming year, I felt that it was time for a long over due rebuild of the Archives. Like every build of the site, I'm taking a different approach to hopefully make it easier for all those wonderful members that have contributed to the Archives over the years.

New Server

Well, I've started the first step in building the new site. The site is now located on it's own shared server, which reduces a majority of the issues I've been having with the site effecting my other sites. At this point, the site seems to be operating normally other than an issue with colorbox which isn't surprising. However, if you notice an issue, please contact me at davo@axiompiercing.com.

The Future of this Site

Well, it has been a number of years since the last time I really rebuilt this site and have been holding off until the new version of Drupal comes out. The site has been since it's creation hosted on my shared plan that I use to host http://axiompiercing.com. This has allowed it to operate cheaply but it also caused a number of head aches when it comes to bandwidth and CPU usage. The solution would be to place it on it's own host but since the site doesn't produce any income, it would make it difficult for me to support individually.



Sarcasm was an Ames hardcore band formed in 1985. Members were Jason Rupe (vocals), Tom Meehan (bass), Todd ??? (guitar), and Michael Cleveland (drums). Played shows in Ames and DSM during 85-86. Jason and Tom went on to form Sham Rock Shakes and Michael transferred to another school.

Cool Dog

Two-piece grindviolence band formed in St Paul in 2012.

Paul Dobbs and the Poon Pirates

Green Bay, WI

Punk band from Green Bay, WI formed in 2007.

Underground Archives Radio

For those of you that have Spotify, I've created a Sound Drop room with only bands from the Archives. You can add tracks or vote up songs.

 http://open.soundrop.fm/s/WPoF80bYX2go1c5n Anyone can add tracks or vote up. I'm still searching for bands from the area that are on Spotify, so if you know of one please add it.

The Have Nots Demo for sale for the first time in over 15 years

I'm happy to anounce that the 1996 Demo by my former band The Have Nots is out now for the first time as a digital release, You can buy MP3s of the 199

Steve Vee and the Renegade Blues Project

Farmington Mn

Strong Blues and Hard Rock - Playing Originals and Rock and Blues Covers


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